February 2021 Blog Review

This month I talked about how The Practice helped me understand what I am trying to do by blogging and motivated me to blog every day. I shared some tips to how I am doing that.

  1. Start the day by writing morning pages, then write a shitty first draft.
  2. Keep a long list of topics.
  3. Bank blog posts.
  4. Edit by using the editing sweep method.
  5. Write a lot of posts to become a better writer.
  6. Generate topics with these tips. For example: Mining your tweets or writing while reading.
  7. Use media depravation to make space in your brain for your own ideas.

I offered some tips for technical job seekers.

  1. Write a job statement
  2. Build your network by being useful to people
  3. Don’t be afraid of rejection.
  4. Make your resumé specific to the job.
  5. Prepare for interviews like they were a performance.