How to Use Rejection

One of the more exciting things in life is to be accepted to do something that was competitive, and where you stood a good chance of rejection. That could be our stretch choice college that seemed out of our reach. Or that new job or promotion that we technically don’t qualify for. Or as simple as getting a date with someone out of our league.

It’s exciting to punch above your weight.

But, the chance of rejection can sometimes make us not try. We say that we’re not ready. That is probably true. In fact, the more chances you take, the more likely it is to be true.

But, rejection is a great way to find out how to get ready. It’s not something to be avoided. It’s a tool we can learn to use.

Here are ways we can use the possibility of rejection

  1. To motivate us to practice and prepare
  2. To focus our requests for help

Here are ways we can use actual rejection

  1. To ask for specific feedback
  2. To drive a post-mortem
  3. To improve our approach for next time
  4. To help others in our position