Habits App IconHabits is a Getting Things Done (GTD) companion iPhone application that helps you form good habits. Enter in the habits you want to form and how often you want to do them. Then, Habits will remind you when it’s time to do one of them.

For example, be reminded to call Mom every weekend, go to the gym every 2 to 3 days, or water the plants every other day. Habits will remind you when you have to do something and track when you do it.

Unlike a recurring event in your calendar, a habit doesn’t have to be done at an exact time and keeping these items separate means your calendar won’t be cluttered.

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The main screen is a habits dashboard sorted so that the habits you need to do are at the top, but you have a quick view of how you are doing on all of them

Habits Home

Tapping a habit lets you edit it, do it, skip it, delete it or pause.

Habits Edit

Set a motivating photo or customize notification times per habit.

Habits advanced

Rotate your device to landscape and get the full history. Swipe to see past months



  • The home screen shows a sorted list of habits (in the order you should do them)
  • When a habit is ready to do, it will show a motivating photo if you have set one. 
  • Get notifications from Habits even when not running the application. Set the time of the notification or turn them off. In iOS 10, notifications include the motivating photo. 
  • Notifications support quick actions to do or skip a habit. 
  • Icon badge shows how many habits are ready to do.
  • For each habit, get a report on how well you are doing.
  • Skip a habit, and have Habits remind you the next time you have to do it.
  • Pause a habit (for vacations or business trips) and not have it count against you.
  • Get Help within the application.

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