Write While True Podcast

Write While True is a writing program for programmers. The episodes are meant to be short exercises that will get you writing more (so, a training program).

Episode 5: Audience and Message

Like many people I write to think. And, it helps. I set out with only inklings of an idea and by the time I am done, I usually have a coherent a complete thought. The writing contains it, but it doesn’t communicate it.

There’s a difference between writing to think and writing to communicate and I finally understand that.

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Episode 4: Make a Schedule

The times that I’ve made the least progress on writing was when I was trying to do it on the side or as a hobby. This isn’t because of the relative amount of time I devoted to it. It was because I treated it as something I would try to fit in, and it never did. I could always find something else to do.

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Episode 3: First Drafts

I’ve stared at a lot of blank pages. Technically, they were actually blank textareas, but you get the point.

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Episode 2: Small Bits of Writing

I found out that I didn’t know how to read or write. This episode will show you how making a change to how I read made it much easier to write.

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Episode 1: Training to Unblock Yourself

I started my blog 17 years ago, but wrote about 9 posts a year. Then, I started doing something that helped me write something I could publish every day.

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