Banking Blog Posts

Today is January 28th at 6:45pm. This blog post will be posted on February 10th at 10am.

This morning, I wrote a review of The Practice which published on February 9th. In that post, I mentioned that I published 30 posts in the last 30 days, but, I wrote those 30 posts in 19 days, and set them up to publish over 30 days.

Since I’ve been actively reading and writing notes, I have a big backlog of ideas and nascent writing. Blogging has been mostly about assembling these notes into posts, and banking them has taken all of the pressure off in trying to blog every day. With the pressure off, I sometimes write a couple of posts a day.

I have a few other tactics I use to make sure I publish every day, which I’ll post in the next few days (but I’ll write them right now).