Make Writing Easier by Having a Long List of Topics

The last few posts have been about my practice of blogging every day, how I bank posts, how I start with a bad first draft, and how I ease into my writing day with morning pages.

In the past, when I set goals to write more frequently, I was always stopped by not having ideas for what to write about. Or when I got one, I didn’t have a systematic way of collecting them. I would sit down to write, but getting started on a new piece was too difficult.

My goal now is to make writing a first draft easy by keeping a long list of writing topics of varying degrees of difficulty.

When I add a topic to the list, I try to develop it a little with notes for why it’s on the list in the first place. If I have already have notes in Obsidian that are related, I link them. All of this will make it easier to get to a first draft later.

Having a long topic list gives me lots of choices for what to write in the moment based on how motivated I am. Not every topic will work out. If that happens, I grab another one.

The key is that I am not blocked at the time I sit down to write by not having any ideas.

Tomorrow, I’ll write about how I generate this list.

Update: Here is the post about generating the topic list