Mine Your Tweets for Posts, Mine Your Posts for Tweets

I don’t tweet much, but I think I’ve found a way to integrate it into my daily practice of blogging.

Tweeting is a good way to get some feedback on ideas. I’ve been looking at my posts and topic list and seeing if I can boil them down to something tweet-sized.

I also have been looking back at my old tweets and seeing if there’s anything there worth expanding upon. A couple of days ago I wrote about having dinner with a 50’s era UNIVAC programmer. I was reminded about that from seeing my tweet about it.

I am not doing this to market this blog. So, I am letting these tweets stand alone right now—not linking here. I don’t want the tweets to seem promotional. Also, I am doing them way before the publish date of the blog post. I’m hoping that feedback will help shape the post while I am editing it. I’m testing the post with pre-tweets of the content.

But, if already have a lot of tweets, go get a download of them and see if you can populate a topic list—you might already have some idea of how useful the post would be based on your engagement.

And even though I’m not promoting my blog this way, I absolutely think that this would be a good thing to do if I could figure out the right way for me.