Blogging follows doing

This year when I set my goals, I added in a monthly renewal on the last weekend of each month to reflect on how I was doing. I just completed one a few days ago.

On my physical goals related to diet and exercise, I am doing fine. My social goals like volunteering are also doing well. But, I am having a big problem on my goals related blogging/writing and personal programming projects.

I thought it would be easy to just write a blog entry to get out of the rut. When that failed, I thought, “start small — start with a tweet”. Even that was kind of difficult — I didn’t feel I had anything to write about. I could always tweet a new job opportunity in Western Mass. or link a jobs-to-be-done article, but in terms of an original tweet, I had nothing.

Looking over my previous non-linking, non-retweets, I did see a pattern — if I actually did something interesting, I usually had something to say about it. Armed with that, I decided to just tackle a couple of easy projects — the latest was upgrading my harddrive, which was worth a tweet shoutout to iFixit.

None of these things are worth a blog entry, so I have to get cracking on bigger things. The key for me is that I don’t think it’s worth opening up my CMS to blog until I have done something on one of my personal projects.

The other takeaway is that forcing myself to do some monthly reflection on my goals helped me to get out of a rut, so that’s something that has to stay.