2013 Personal Goals

At the end of 2011 and this year, I gathered some lessons learned. Looking them over, I came to realize that while I had identified them, I hadn’t really learned them, in the sense that I wasn’t applying them on a regular basis.

This year, in planning 2013, I am keeping them front and center. Briefly, they were:

(1) Focus to make big gains (2) Center a goal around a purpose (3) Change tactics if the current ones are failing (4) Remove friction (5) Just Ship (6) Live the Dream

I think #3 is the most appropriate, because while I got a lot done in 2012, I fell short of my goals in a few areas. Looking at them, I can see that they weren’t focussed. So, for 2013, I am keeping things simple.

First, I am going to make quarterly resolutions, not New Year’s resolutions. This will allow me to have fewer goals to think about at one time without worrying that I am neglecting areas of my life.

Second, for at least the first quarter, I am going to concentrate on behaviors, not outcomes. So, while I am making a diet plan in order to lose fat, the goal is to stick to the plan and then reassess in April.

Like last year, I will continue to take a page out of Seven Habits and have physical, mental, social goals. I will consider having a quarterly review to be the spiritual/renewal goal.

Jan-Mar 2013 Goals

  • Physical: Exercise 5 days per week. Eat at most 3 non-Paleo meals per week (no wheat or sugar at all, but one glass of wine or tequila will be allowed)
  • Mental: Spend 10 hours per week on creation activities (art, code, writing)
  • Social: 25 hours of community service

There is more I want to do, but they will have to be in addition to these focussed activities, or somehow folded into them.