May 2023 Blog Roundup

I started writing much more frequently this month. I happened to be on vacation for two weeks of it, which gave me a lot of time for writing.

The main thing that got me going was wanting to start up my podcast again. I released four episodes in May.

I also updated my podcast workflow, which makes it a lot easier to do, and I think will make them better.

In Blog Posts, Randomness, and Optionality, I talked about my most popular blog post, and how it had more hits than the rest of my site combined (by far), mostly driven by search. That post hosts my UML Cheatsheet and is from 2006. I made the post following a talk I gave at a local meetup to try to get a job.

I am trying to write more about diagramming generally (to build on a past success). First I wrote that For Diagramming, Favor in-Document Editing and then I wrote that you should use C4 Context Diagrams in GitHub READMEs, and to help make these, I wrote The System Boundary is Defined by the External Pieces.

I’ve been interested in developer productivity metrics, so when I read about DevEx, I was interested, but I wrote a critique in Making Sausage and Delivering Sausage. But, then I wrote about the CRAP metric in Use Your First Commit to Fix CRAP and realized that both CRAP and DevEx are Metrics that Resist Gaming. CRAP always makes me think of refactoring, so in the middle of that I wrote about the First Rule of Refactoring Club.

June has four weekends, so I am expecting to make four podcasts. I also want to spend the bulk of my time thinking about diagramming, so I expect a lot of posts about that.