Sprint-o-Mat 2021.1 is Available

i just released Sprint-o-Mat 2021.1 to the App Store.

Sprint-o-Mat is a watch-only app that lets you define, and then run, programmed running workouts. If you are using a training program for your running, you might be familiar with workouts like:

  1. Run 15 minutes to warm-up at a slow pace
  2. Then, Repeat 6 times
    1. Run 1/2 mile at your 5k pace
    2. Run 1/4 at a rest pace
  3. Cool down with a 10 minute run at a slow pace

Sprint-o-Mat comes with templates that you can use to define those runs. You can set individual paces and heart-rate zones for each leg.

Then, when you are running, you get a visual display of where you are in the workout and haptics and dings when it’s time to switch to the next segment.

For example, yesterday I needed to run 8 miles at around 10:45 for a marathon training program I am doing. I broke it into a repeat of 8 1-mile runs. At mile 6, I took this screenshot

The outer ring is the entire 8-mile run, and the inner ring is the current mile. The white dots are pace runners. I can see at a glance that I am basically on pace.

The corners have more info. The top has total elapsed time and distance. The bottom has the segment name and my heart-rate.

Everything is green because I’m in the zones I set up.

At the end of the run, Sprint-o-Mat will save all the info to HealthKit so you can see it in Health or Activity on your phone. I recommend the RunGap app if you want to do more with the data (e.g. send it to Strava). I have worked with the developer to make sure Sprint-o-Mat saves the data in a format it can use.

In Icon-Last Development, I wrote about the evolution from the first version to this one and how it affected the icon. I have a few more articles coming later in January.

Sprint-o-Mat supports Apple Watch Series 3 to current, including all sizes from 38mm to 44mm, and it’s free. Take a look.