Use GitHub Profile Pages to Mirror Your Personal Site

In 2014, I wrote that a direct GitHub link to your profile was not good enough for a resume. At that time, the profile page was not customizable enough and was confusing for a recruiter or hiring manager to use to understand your portfolio.

My suggestion was to link to instead (for example: I recommended that you organize your open-source work more like a portfolio and highlight the most important work.

But, since 2014, GitHub has made updates to profile pages. Right now, I would say that they are finally good enough to use directly if you want. It’s just a README and you have total control of the text.

But, I decided to just mirror my personal page on it. The one big advantage of my personal page is that I have access to the analytics for it. I am not in the job market, but if I were, I could also put a contact form on it. My own page is also more customizable than a README.

GitHub profile pages will probably rank higher in search and are linked up directly in GitHub. So having something there is also important, which is why I mirrored my personal page.

My 2014 article had some advice on what should be on your profile page. I’ll be revisiting that soon.