Yearly Themes

I’m a proponent of yearly themes to tie together a general direction for the year. I was first exposed to this idea from Gretchen Rubin and Elizabeth Craft’s Happier Podcast. It’s also a recurring topic on Cortex with Myke Hurley and CGP Grey. Here’s a video CGP Grey made about it:

My theme for 2021 is Hone. I am mostly fine with the things I am doing, but I just don’t do them enough. 2021 is about doing them more deeply and getting better at them.

I want to run more seriously, and since we might be able to race again in 2021, I’d like to try to set some PRs.

I am going to write more. My goal is quantity because I think that will be the best way to improve. To drive this, I am reading and note taking more diligently.

I have been sketching for years, but not often enough to improve. Now, I am setting aside at least a little time every day to sketch. One easy way to start this is blind sketching, where you look at the subject and not the paper at all. It lowers the bar enough to make it an anytime activity.

I became mostly vegan in 2019 for health reasons. My cholesterol is now normal, but I want to lower my oil and processed fat intake as well to see if I can get it even lower.

So, I am grouping this all together as HONE, which I interpret as sharpening via repetition.