Vision Pro Accessory Ideas

Since the failure mode of the Vision Pro is blindness, which can happen if the magnetic battery cable detaches or if you run out of power, it would have been nice if the headset had some onboard battery for a grace period.

There will be 3rd party batteries with more power. It would be good if they can also support swapping charged batteries in and out without losing power.

Here’s an idea for an accessory: A thin, disk-shaped battery that attaches to the headset magnetically (perhaps also with a strap) that you attach the included battery to. It has enough power for a 1 to 2 minute grace period, and keeps itself charged from the main battery. This is meant to help you swap batteries or just in case the cable detaches.

It’s important that it be light because it will be on the headset all the time. It should also look good.

The strap alone might be a good accessory. If there’s a way to make the magnetic cable more secure, I think I would want that.