The Failure Mode of the Vision Pro is Blindness

If the Vision Pro crashes, runs out of battery, or its magnetic battery cable detaches, you will be immediately plunged into darkness.

This means that the Vision Pro is really unsuited to be worn while moving. Walking around your house or job will probably be ok, but walking around outside isn’t. Luckily the headset looks too goofy to attempt that.

I had really hoped that this could work as a fitness device, but even anything above a jog on a treadmill seems dangerous. A slow walk would be fine. My initial reaction was that I would like to wear it on a rower. That would be ok too, because if it turns off, you aren’t going to fall down.

I am really afraid that someone will attempt to drive with this on. I hope that Apple adds a way to detect this and warn against it (or disable itself with a warning). It should certainly not approve apps that are meant to be used while driving.

If the Vision Pro is just a really good monitor, then this is not really a problem. But it does feel like pass-through displays that block your vision without power aren’t the future of AR (unless they can become transparent).