Don’t do Nothing and Be the Change You Seek

When I worked at Atlassian, we had five company values. The one that is most applicable to me outside of Atlassian is “Be the change you seek”. Even at Atlassian, in our slack, I probably reacted with our custom “Be the change” emoji annoyingly often. But, it wasn’t ironically—I loved that we (as a company and team) embraced the changes that people went out of their way to try to make. Co-CEO Scott Farquhar often started company Town Halls by telling new hires that they were hired to change Atlassian.

Before we were acquired, at Trello, we had a similar value we called “Don’t do Nothing”. It’s not exactly the same. “Be the change you seek” says that you should work hard to fix broken things you care about. “Don’t Do Nothing” was asking you to take a proportionate action to the problem, but not “nothing”—this could just be reporting it.

They both functioned in the same way with regards to who was responsible for improving the company—you were.