Using Recruiters for Entry Level Developers

I graduated in 1992 and got my first job using a tech recruiter. It was for a small company in FinTech with less than 20 people when I joined. While I was there we hired a lot of entry-level developers, mostly from college recruiting, but we did use recruiters too.

30 years later, I think it’s rare to use a recruiter to hire entry-level developers. There is a lot of supply. There is certainly as aspect to recruiting in what the code bootcamp schools are doing, but from the hiring end, I haven’t been at a place that used recruiters for junior developers for quite a while.

But, one exception I noticed is in FinTech. John Easton, who got me my first job, and who is one of the best recruiters in NYC, seems to frequently have entry-level FinTech jobs. Here’s one he posted today.

If you are in the market for this kind of work, especially if you are in NYC, I’d follow his account.