Post #500

I started this blog in 2003. This is a milestone post—Post #500. I have been writing more frequently since 2021. Before 2020, I had less than 200 posts. Well before that, this blog was useful to me.

  • My posts about developing for iOS in 2008 were found by an editor at Manning and I wrote a book for them. This helped me make the transition to full time iOS development.
  • My posts about extending Fogbugz and Citydesk were part of my application to Fogcreek/Trello — I can’t say it “got” me the job, but I’m sure helped me get an interview.
  • I’ve been invited to speak at conferences, be a guest on podcasts, and write for Smashing based on people finding my site. It’s not a lot, but raises my profile just a bit.
  • I don’t monetize this site directly, but it’s pretty much the only way I market myself.

I didn’t set out to do any of that. I write on this blog because it’s fun and I want to be a better writer. But, even this blog—a relatively obscure one in a space crowded by very similar voices—has made a significant impact on my career.