Habits 3.0.1

Just in time for the New Year, I released a new version of Habits

  • Habit names are multi-line on the home page (finally)
  • Notifications on iOS 10 include your motivating photo
  • There are more controls for when to show the photo on the home page
  • Lots of little bugs have been fixed


Developer Notes:

Habits most interesting to me as a hobby project — if you are interested,  you can also see my notes from 3.0 where I showed a screenshot of 1.0 — Habits was started almost as soon as the iOS SDK was officially released.

For this version, here are a couple of behind the scenes tidbits:

  • I ran the wonderful Synx on my project to finally align the folder and group structure.
  • I also introduced tailor into my commit procedure to enforce some Swift style.
  • I found my old svn repository for the beginnings of Habits — I am working on restoring that so that it looks like the pre-2.x history for what I have in git now.
  • I used to host my own git server repo, but that was mostly for backup. I decided to change my origin to bitbucket. I am thinking of one day open-sourcing Habits, but for now it’s private.