Twilight: Eclipse from a Social Media Perspective

Last year, I wrote a review of Star Trek from an ECM Perspective, and I’ve been looking out for other movies that have an interesting collaboration angle, but couldn’t think of one until last week when I went to a midnight showing of the new Twilight movie.

Spoiler Alert: I have to give away some details of the movie (and the next one) in this review.

There are at least three kind of telepathic collaboration in Twilight. Edward can read thoughts (except for Bella’s), the wolf pack is connected to each other telepathically, and Alice can “follow” decisions and see the future after a decision is made.

I think a lot could be said about how the wolf pack telepathy is like Facebook (Jacob talks about the drama of a love triangle being broadcast around the wolf pack). And perhaps Alice has some kind of super-twitter that people can’t help using to blurt out their plans to her.

But I think the most interesting Social Media aspect to Twilight is Bella. Bella’s thoughts cannot be read, and in the Twilight world, privacy is a super-power.

And, it’s not just incidental, Bella’s ability to keep her thoughts to herself is an integral part of the plot. For example:

  1. It’s part of Edward’s attraction to her (the other part being his insatiable desire to have her for dinner)
  2. It probably saved her life with the Volturi in New Moon
  3. She uses it to mask feelings she might have for Jacob.
  4. (Breaking Dawn SPOILER) Her privacy abilities expand in Breaking Dawn to include being able to shield others.

In any case, with the world moving towards more sharing and openness, it’s interesting to remember the power of privacy as well.