Sunday is Pushday

I believe that making a commitment public helps you stick to it. So, because I want to make more of my private code public on github, I am treating each Sunday as “Pushday”.

On every Sunday, I am going to push something, no matter how small, into github. If I have nothing useful, I will write something new. My only restriction, is that the push must be useful (a bug fix, new feature, a minimal project).

Today, I am taking one of the JavaScript files from my pet project ASCIIMatic, and making it available under BSD. ASCIIMatic takes simple descriptions of diagrams, translates them into dot, runs it through the dot interpreter to get a set of drawing instructions, and then draws the result in ASCII art. The vision is to make it easy to include UML diagrams in your source code comments, but it has a long way to go to do UML. Right now, it can do a some simple box and arrow diagramming.

Today, I pushed ascii-drawing.js, which implements a simple ASCII drawing surface with draw line, rect, and text commands.

It is available under the asciimatic-scripts project on github.