Put Aggravation (and Joy!) in the Spreadsheet

When I am trying to figure out if something is worth the cost or how to charge for something, I might build a little model in a spreadsheet. All the things that can be expressed as a number probably end up in it. What usually makes the difference though, is when I force myself to express my mental costs and benefits as a number too.

For example, I like my apartment, but sometimes I think of moving. Maybe get a condo instead of renting. But, when I put the numbers together, if I make line items about my “feelings”, I see that I can’t justify the cost difference. I just don’t value what I’d get and I personally find some parts of home-ownership very aggravating.

The same kind of line items also show up when I am trying to price my consulting services. I price in my feelings. I want to be neutral to the customer’s choice. It’s the standard “say no with a number” advice, but this is how I get to that number.