Learn by Cloning

The App-o-Mat website was mostly written in 2013. The backend is in Django, and over time I have had to constantly upgrade that, so now it’s on pretty modern Django and Python 3.

The frontend is simple HTML, but uses Bootstrap and a bootstrap template for layout and styling. I decided it was time to abandon that and just build it on CSS Flex and Grid. The styling isn’t complex, so I can easily write the CSS for that.

I found this YouTube video to be a great whirlwind tour to implementing a design in modern CSS.

He mostly just plows along and does it, which was good enough for me.

In my version, I am learning from the lessons of Tailwind and relying nearly 100% on utility classes (or by selecting tags classlessly), so that I can do everything I need from the markup and inside server-side components. I would use Tailwind, but it’s overkill for my system, and I am sick of updating dependencies for this site.

In the end, the site should be pretty much the same, except with no Bootstrap and fairly simple CSS that I can maintain going forward.