Job seeking advice from a 16 year old

A couple of weeks ago I called my “little brother” Josh for his birthday (we’re in BB/BS). “Guess what I got,” he said, “a job at Big-Y”

His sixteenth birthday was the first day that he was eligible to work, so it’s pretty amazing that he (1) got his working papers already and then (2) actually got a job. It’s tough out there for young job seekers (not to mention everyone else), so Josh must have been lucky or connected.

Not exactly.

Josh has been really determined to get a job. So much so, that he went to Big-Y a few months ago and filled out an application even though he wasn’t qualified yet. He has an awesome resume, so the manager told him to come back when he turned sixteen.

“What?” you must be thinking, “How does he have an awesome resume? I thought you said that he couldn’t work”

Sure, he couldn’t work, but he could volunteer. Josh has been volunteering hundreds of hours a year since he was 11. He has served food at the community center, worked parades as a junior Lion cub, helped out at the local Food Pantry, was a member of his high school’s Key Club, and we have done a few BB/BS volunteer activities together — last month we helped artisans move in their wares for the BB/BS Annual Winter Craft Fair.

I asked him why he volunteers so much, and he said that he had a blast, met great people, and wanted to get used to working several hours a week for when he was able to get a job.

If you know any teenagers who aren’t old enough to work, but will want to when they can, you might want to share Josh’s advice. I told him he should teach a class.