It takes very little to stand out

One thing I tell mentees, particularly those in college looking for internships or their first job, is that they have to think about what the job application process looks like from the other side. When an employer opens a job position for an entry-level position, they will be inundated with resumes. The vast majority of them are indistinguishable from each other. They have the same classes, GPAs in the same range, similar job histories. You have to be honest with yourself with whether you’d stand out in that pile.

What you should do depends on the situation, but the general idea is to do more than your peers. The good news is that your peers (when you are entry level) are pretty clueless. It takes some effort, but it’s doable.

Do research, follow up, network, find peers that were successful and get intel on interviewing. Just don’t assume that you are done once you send in your resume.