I Write During Times of Personal Change

Looking at the history of this site, I noticed that I started this blog in December 2003, and I know why—I had decided to leave my job, and thought I would go into consulting for a bit while I figured out what was next. I wrote about things related to client work I was doing.

I wrote fairly often up until about March 2004, which is when I started a new full-time job. There is a two year gap until February 2006, which is when I decided I wanted to work for Atalasoft. I wrote posts because I had a link to this site on my resumé, and I didn’t want it to look abandoned.

I was at Atalasoft for seven years, and I blogged on-and-off. But, I got much more active in the month before I left to consult full-time. A year later, I joined Trello, blogged on-and-off for six years and got very active as I was preparing to leave to become permanently independent in March 2021. I had about 9 months or so of very frequent blogging and then trailed off in 2022.

And now, I’m picking up again.

In the past, this was planned during transitions. It was partly to help with marketing myself, partly because I had the time and energy for it, and partly because new jobs came with a lot of new learning.

This time, I’m not consciously planning any big change. But, based on my past patterns, I seem to be preparing for one.

I can’t wait to find out what it is.