Announcing #twitstarter

Earlier today, I tweeted:

When I did, I didn’t look up #twitstarter, but now that I have, I think this might be the first serious usage of it. To be clear, #twitstarter is not the project I am asking you to back (more later).

To use #twitstarter, make a tweet with the hashtag #twitstarter, give a pledge amount, a goal, perks, how to pledge, and some indication of what the project is. That’s a lot to squish into 140 characters, but my tweet shows that it can be done.

#twitstarter FAQ

Q: Are you serious?
A: Yes — note the use of the #thisisserious hashtag, universally recognized as indicating seriousness. Despite what you might see, this is actually serious (details to follow)

Q: How do I enforce that the pledger will pay?
A: You can’t really — keep the amount low, and make a judgement call

Q: How do pledgers make payment?
A: I’m planning to use paypal or cash.

Q: Are you planning to do more work on #twitstarter
A: No

Q: Do you mind if I work on #twitstarter?
A: No — If you do, I hope you let me pledge a dollar to you