Announcing Season Four of Write While True

I have been planning out season four of the Write While True podcast. Here is a recap of the first three seasons

  • Season One (Episodes 1- 15): Theme: The basics of a writing practice. Topics include first drafts, editing sweeps, keeping a schedule, and note taking.
  • Season Two (Episodes 16 – 27): Theme: Not quitting. Topics include Stopping vs. Quitting, using your imperfections to generate work, and planning a break.
  • Season Three (Episodes 28 – 39): Theme: The tools and materials of writing. Topics include complex sentences, words of the day, content-free sentences, and zombie nouns.

The theme of Season Four is writing a pamphlet (i.e. a short book). It will be 13 episodes to coincide with the first 13 weeks of the year. At the end I hope to have actually written a pamphlet and also to have explained the process I am using to do it. All episodes of Write While True end with a writing exercise. If you follow along with this season, I hope that you will also have a pamphlet to publish.

The first episode will be available this Sunday, January 7.