4DX: Applying the Fourth Discipline

See 4DX: Applying the Third Discipline to get a summary of the WIGs and Lead Measures.

The final discipline is to have weekly accountability meetings that are only about 4DX, the WIG, the lead measures and how to do better in the coming week.

This is hard because I mostly work alone. I do a weekly retrospective, so I mostly need to just make sure I always review my scoreboard from the 3rd discipline.

For my fitness goal, I go to Crossfit which puts me in a room with several coaches and peers. I track my lifts in the gym’s app, which I share. If I stumble with this goal, I may add more direct accountability.

For my work goal, I have a partner and we already have weekly status meetings. They are not 4DX specific, so again, if this goal is not reached by March 31, then I may ask for 4DX meetings.

For my personal growth goal, I have decided to share my progress in a weekly podcast. I just joined the Useful Books community in order to meet like-minded people and perhaps join an accountability group.

For all three of my WIGs, I am not yet really doing the fourth discipline correctly, but I will try to move towards that as I progress.