SOPA Solution: Block Congress

A few weeks ago, I tweeted:


Today, I was wondering how easy that would be, and spent about 10 seconds in google to find that Congressional staffer IPs have been outed by Wikipedia for editing their boss’s pages:

Wikinews contributors have discovered that members of the United States Congress or members of their staff have recently been making questionable edits to Wikipedia.

[…] In one instance, Wikinews found that someone with one of the IP addresses,, began to edit the Wikipedia article for Steve Austria, the Republican representative for Ohio’s 7th congressional district.

[…] Another individual, with the IP address, also removed the allegations of plagiarism from Austria’s article in February. The individual removed what they called “Politically Motivated BS” from the article of Deborah Pryce.

To confirm, I put the first IP in an IP Locator tool and got this:

From here you can figure out an IP range to target, and then it’s trivial to serve them different content (perhaps giving them a taste of what SOPA IP blocking would be like). I leave that as an exercise to the reader.

To be effective it needs to be done by sites that Congressional staffers actually depend on or on enough smaller sites to get media attention.