December is Plan B Nation NaPerProMo

A few years ago, to get myself ready for Rich Hickey’s Northampton Clojure talk, I decided to do an intense 20 Days of Clojure series, where I learned one new thing and blogged about it each day in March 2008, leading up to the talk. It was a great experience and probably the most popular content on my site.

Today, Amy Gutman, on her new Plan B Nation blog, is suggesting working every day in December on moving a personal project forward, or NaPerProMo (National Personal Project Month — a take on National Novel Writing Month).

I’m in.

My personal project will be to write 31 entries in this blog, although, like Amy, I will probably only publish a couple per week and save up the others.

In a comment on her blog, I offered participants a free copy of Habits, my iPhone app for forming habits, to all participants (until I run out of promo codes). If you want a copy, make some kind of public commitment to NaPerProMo (tweet, blog, comment on Amy’s site), and then let me know about it by using my contact page.