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Apple Fall 2021 Event Wishlist

I’ve done a bunch of WWDC wishlists (e.g. 2021, 2020, 2019), but I haven’t done one for the main hardware event, which is this Tuesday.

I’m sure that the iPhone, Apple Watch, and maybe even the iPad (or Macs) will get nice improvements, but I can’t think of anything more I’d want. I am on the iPhone upgrade program, so I’ll end up with a new phone regardless. And the trade-in value on watches usually makes updating a reasonable option.

So, the main thing I’d hope for is something in AR. I’ve written about how I think AR could make apps more like games, and I do think that there’s space for a workout AR device. I would love to extend Sprint-o-Mat to make it feel like you’re in a race against the pace-runner. It would also be a good addition to Fitness+, which could extend to outdoor activities.

It feels inevitable that there will be something in AR eventually from Apple. I think one social issue is what to do about cameras on AR devices, which I will address tomorrow.

Aim a Little Higher in your Whitepapers

I recently handed over my email to get a “whitepaper” that looked interesting from a company that had been recommended more than once as having an interesting product. I was kind of shocked at how shallow it was.

It was not just a crummy commercial — I think I would have preferred that though. I don’t mind being sold to if it’s done well.

I remember writing these kinds of things for Atalasoft, and it’s tough. I found one of my old ones that tried to teach imaging to prospective customers.

There are things in there that are simple, but my intent was to make the reader into a somewhat advanced user of imaging products with a deeper understanding. It’s kind of implied that our product could help them do these things, but they were free to try to do it themselves or use our competitors. I was betting that they’d give us a shot and we’d win on the merits.

I knew from talking to customers that these things were not obvious and not knowing them was making their use of our product limited. We could help them more, but they didn’t know what to ask for. The whitepaper was written to get leads, but I sent it to customers too when it was obvious it would help them.

As a test, put the first few pages up for free and see if you still get emails for the rest.