Lou Franco’s Airpair Credentials

I am a Software Developer with over 20 years of experience. I have been writing software to target mobile devices since 2001, and I have been working on iOS apps since 2008.

I’ve put together this page to collect my credentials as an iOS developer for potential clients.

Hello! iOS DevelopmentHello! iOS Development is a book I co-wrote about iOS Development that was published by Manning in 2012. This book is meant for beginner programmers and explains OO development, MVC, Objective-C and takes readers through the construction of three iPhone apps covering Interface Builder and simple controls, animation, CoreData, tables, gestures, images, the camera, maps, and accessing the internet (including Social Media integration).

I have been active on StackOverflow, particularly in iOS and Objective-C. Here is a picture of my careers.stackoverflow.com profile (paid access) that shows I am in the top 10% for those technologies. I have also earned the iOS and Objective-C badges that get awarded for having a lot of high-quality answers. I am in the top 1% overall in StackOverflow.StackOverflow

Here’s a list of my answers related to iOS development (> 250 results).

I blog about iOS development, and the most popular page on my site, in terms of inbound links and views, is this explanation of EXC_BAD_ACCESS and how to debug it. I also write on Smashing Magazine.

I have also released an app to the App Store as a hobby project.

  • Habits: A Getting-things-done companion app that helps you remember to do recurring activities that don’t happen at a specific time. This was first released in 2008

I created App-o-Mat, a tutorial site for iOS mobile development.

I am currently on the Trello iOS team at Atlassian.


I live in Massachusetts and am generally available after 5pm Eastern time on weekdays. Weekend, lunch-time, or early morning availability is on a case-by-case basis.