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Habits on Sale for $0.99 until the end of January

Habits is the perfect application to make sure that you stick to your New Year’s resolutions, so from now until the end of January, I am putting Habits on sale for $0.99.

I am working on version 1.1, and I will post it at the end of January and return it to its old price. Until then, here’s hoping that you’re able to turn your resolutions into habits.

(The AppStore takes time to fully update — please make sure it says that the price is $0.99 before you buy)

Buy Habits on the App Store

O’Reilly’s iPhone AppStore Answers

iPhone AppStore Answers from O’Reilly’s Inside iPhone Blog. There are frustrations with the AppStore, but as O’Reilly acknowledges, Apple appears to be listening:

Changes have been relatively slow to come to the App Store. However, with the addition of review copies, as well as limiting ratings to those who’ve purchased applications, Apple has made changes that have been welcomed by developers. I’m hopeful that the App Store will continue to improve over time and address additional issues.

The other major improvement is dropping the NDA for released SDK’s, thus opening up the possibility of books, online tutorials and blogging about iPhone development.

More interesting iPhone pricing articles

From Chris Anderson’s The Long Tail blog, I got this link to some interesting iPhone pricing and sales data.

Having more than doubled over the last two months, Gaming remains the largest category accounting for a quarter of all apps. The fastest growing categories were Education and Lifestyle. Medical is the newest app category and as of the end of November there were over 80 medical apps, the 10 most popular of which were free. Among Game apps, Racing, Music, and Sports were the fastest growing Game sub categories.

And, here’s another iPhone app pricing article I got from John Gruber’s DaringFireball. In the article, Peter Cooper uses popularity as a stand-in for units sold and and tries to figure out which apps have the most revenue. Put this one in your RSS feed if you are interested in hearing more as this installment covers mostly the Games category.