Adding DBScript to the Publishing Process

HTML DBScript is a command line utility. Call it with the directory of HTML files to process as an argument. The directory and all of its subdirectores are processed.  Only files with the extension .html are processed.

For example:

HtmlDbScript “c:\webfiles”

All .html files in c:\webfiles and all subdirectories will be processed

Adding to a CityDesk Publish Location

If you edit a Location in CityDesk, one of the screens looks like this:

In the Before copy edit box, you can call external programs to operate on your HTML before it is published to your server.  Put the following into that edit box:

“full path to HTMLDbScript.exe” “%1”

For instance, if you put HTMLDbScript.exe in C:\Program Files\HTMLDbScript then the edit box should have:

“C:\Program Files\HTMLDbScript\HTMLDbScript.exe” “%1”

Note that you need a double quotes around the fullpath to the program and the %1.